There’s so much you can do with aisle petals. Not only can you do so many different colors, but you can also do so many different designs and effects. Here are a few things to keep in mind for the best effect.

  1. Rope off your aisle so your guests don’t stomp on them. You may even want to use ushers to guide people to the sides to enter the aisle. 
  2. Don’t do silk. They are hard to clean up outside (not bio-degradable) and inside they are slippery on some surfaces. 
  3. Don’t go cheap or too light. If you don’t have enough petals it won’t have the effect you are looking for and might even look skimpy. It takes a LOT of petals to create some of these awesome effects. 
  4. Ask the venue what colors they allow. Some dark petals, especially red, can stain some surfaces, so depending on where your ceremony is there could be some restrictions.
  5. Have a backup plan for the wind. If you try to do a specific design but it’s very windy outside, it will just make a mess. Maybe use these petals in a different design or move them inside where they will be best used.
  6. Don’t sprinkle them too early or they will wilt. You want crisp, fresh petals. I de-petal roses the day of the wedding, not before to ensure they look amazing.