There’s nothing dreamier than a Colorado Fall mountain wedding and as we enter into the season, here’s a few tips to make sure your fall wedding goes without a hitch. 

  1. The Colorado fall weather is very unpredictable. Ask your venue what the backup plan if the outdoor space does not work. Many have secondary options and you have to plan that there is a real possibility that you will have to consider moving into the indoors. 
  2. Have accommodations for your guests to help with the weather. There are a lot of ways to still have your ceremony outside, even if it’s not the most ideal weather. You can utilize heaters, umbrellas, blankets, hand warmers and hot cocoa as ways to make the ceremony cozy and comfortable. 
  3. Adjust your times to make sure you have plenty of light. You will want to arrange pictures with your photographer and maybe do more of them before the ceremony to make sure the sun does not run from you. 
  4. Incorporate beautiful fall tones in your wedding. There are lots of ways to bring the fall to your wedding, including your décor. It’s the perfect seasons for golden, brassy, orange, purples and all that fall has to offer. 
  5. If your dream is to have photos with the yellow aspens, you may want to plan a second photoshoot that is dependent on when this happens. The aspens are the first tree to turn and their timing can be a little finicky. If you want photos in your dress with this amazing backdrop, chat with your photographer and you two can keep an eye out for when the leaves start to change. This way you don’t miss them.